Answers to Common Questions about SUP Yoga

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What do I wear?
You might get wet during class so wear either a comfortable swimsuit or lightweight yoga or athletic attire that will dry quickly. You want to make sure that you are comfortable performing yoga postures in whatever clothing you choose. A changing room is available for anyone that needs it before or after class. Wear flip flops or other shoes you will kick off at the water's edge. We will go barefoot on the paddle board. Sunscreen, sunglasses and or a cap (we recommend they float) are recommended for bright, sunny classes.

What should I bring?
Just bring your amazing sense of fun and adventure and a friend (more friends, more fun). You can bring your personal floatation device if you prefer. A towel and change of dry clothes along with bottle of water to re-hydrate after class (leave these in your car).

Is a life jacket required?
During the paddle portion of each class, you will be required to wear a personal floatation device. During the yoga portion of class, you may remove the PFD if you are comfortable with that. Removing the PFD improves your mobility during the yoga portion.

How deep and fast is the river?
All our classes are held on the Upper Collinsville Mill Pond portion of the Farmington River. The typical depth varies but will normally be 12 inches to 6 feet deep. The current this time of year is very gentle. There is no raging white water involved in these classes.

What do I need to know?
Arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled class time and meet at the picnic tables in front of Collinsville Canoe and Kayak at 41 Bridge Street (Route 179) Collinsville, CT 06022.  Their phone # is 860-693-6977. Get directions here.

I've never been on a stand up paddleboard! Will I be able to do this?
Absolutely! This class is perfect for beginners because if you need instruction, our experienced SUP instructors will teach you all the basics of launching on your board, standing up on the board, moving around on your board and efficient paddle strokes.

I've never tried yoga! Will I be able to do this?
Absolutely! This class is perfect for beginners and experienced yogis alike. We start the yoga portion of the class in seated position and progress from there. This gives students the time needed to warm up their bodies and become accustomed to the dynamics of the board, aka floating yoga mat. As the class progresses, your certified yoga teacher will demonstrate many different postures for you. If you are not comfortable trying any posture, simply substitute another posture you like.